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Soliman Law Group, P.C. was founded on a simple principal: provide the highest quality legal representation possible for every one of our clients. We strive to deliver zealous advocacy and hard work, with the goal of meeting every client’s unique needs and achieving for them the best possible outcome, as expected when working with us.

At our firm, we rely on strategic yet aggressive representation of your rights and interests, along with devoting the necessary time and effort to your case, which allows us to provide excellent service that is second to none.

Being a boutique law firm that services the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California, we believe in a focus on customer service that caters to the legal requirements of new and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Soliman Law Group P.C. offers legal assistance in variety of areas of law, with a proven track record of delivering results for our clients.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury
We believe that health and family are the most important aspects of life. We understand that being involved in an accident and being injured can jeopardize both of those areas of life for our clients.

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Business Law
Our growing business counsel practice is well equipped to handle the increasing variety of issues that emerge from business transactions. We represent various corporations, partnerships.

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Real Estate Law
We are experienced in all aspects of landlord/tenant law, representing both property owners and tenants. In cases where there is a dispute over whether a tenant has complied with the lease terms.

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Auto Accidents


Drunk Driving Accidents


Slip and Falls

Husband and Wife Funeral Farewell

Wrongful Death


At Soliman Law Group, P.C. we believe that health and family are the most important aspects of life. We understand that being involved in an accident and being injured can jeopardize both of those areas of life for our clients. Therefore, we assist those that have been involved in automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other types of accidents resulting in injuries with zeal, compassion, and dedicated service.

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Landlord/Tenant Law

Our landlord-tenant attorneys in southern ca offer legal help in disputes involving leases, evictions, security deposits, uninhabitable conditions, and more. Whether you want to protect your rights as a tenant, get legal representation in a lawsuit against a landlord, or exercise your rights properly, we can help.

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Our growing business counsel practice is well equipped to handle the increasing variety of issues that emerge from business transactions. We represent various corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals.

The firm services the day-to-day legal needs of numerous small and mid-sized businesses. We advise companies in multiple aspects of their business, including resolving disputes and providing advice regarding their overall business activities. In addition, we also assist clients with the formation, operation and structure of their business entities as required and offer guidance on an on going basis.

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Medical Marijuana

Despite being legal in California for decades, medical marijuana growers, patients, and dispensaries continue to face a barrage of legal issues, in part due to the Schedule 1 drug status cannabis has with the federal government. Soliman Law Group helps clients navigate the complex legal environment of the medical marijuana industry whether you want to become a marijuana vendor, grow medical cannabis as a patient, or get experienced legal representation for a marijuana charge.

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A DUI charge is a very serious offense that should not be taken lightly. The staff at Soliman Law Group, P.C. understands that facing such charges can be quite frightening and having a diligent DUI attorney on your side is necessary for protection of your rights. We therefore sympathize with how our clients may be feeling and pledge to support and defend them. Our firm takes pride in fighting for our client’s rights and working to give them the best chance at a favorable outcome.

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United States immigration law is notoriously complicated. Soliman Law Group represents employers, immigrants, and foreign nationals with complex legal issues like sponsoring a family member for a green card, sponsoring a foreign national for employment in the US, deportation defense, obtaining a marriage green card, and applying for the DV green card lottery.

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Although the entertainment world can be overwhelming from a legal standpoint, we can help you navigate through the tough terrains of entertainment law.

We work with various individuals in the entertainment industry including musicians, filmmakers, actors, models, writers, directors, producers, and athletes. As such, our firm is ready to provide representation for all aspects of your entertainment endeavors

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At Soliman Law Group, we offer free, no-obligation case reviews. For wrongful death and personal injury cases, there is no charge for our legal help unless we win your case.

Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced Southern California Lawyer to discuss your case and get the help you need.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Great lawyer
My family and I got into a car accident and had no idea what to do next butTony and his firm walked us though the entire process. They got us the medical treatment we needed and recovered a nice settlement for us while keeping us informed along the entire way. We recommend Mr. Soliman to anyonewho needs legal help with a personal injury claim.

Excellent Service
I had a business matter that needed urgent attention. A family member had recommended Tony & Soliman Law Group. He worked quickly and diligently and landed me a lucrative deal, more than I expected. He now handles all my legal and business matters.

Professional, Reliable and Effective
I was very pleased with the legal services I received. My friend and I, were involved in a car accident on the freeway. He was great at explaining the ins and outs of the medical and case process. It was a totally positive experience, all around. He gave me the help I needed. I was very happy with my settlement (surprised that it was more than I was expecting). I would definitely refer others to Tony.

Incredible, professional and prompt
I needed a entertainment within 12 hours and was referred to Tony. He closed out two major business contracts for me within the 12 hours! I would highly suggest him to anyone needing a lawyer. I hired him on retainer and will be using him again

Honest and Reliable
When I contacted Mr. Soliman about my legal issues he was more than knowledgeable about the steps that needed to be taken. Following our initial appointment, Mr. Soliman regularly communicated with me about the process and handled my legal issue with strength and integrity. Because of his representation we reached a solution sooner than I would have ever imagined. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Tony kept me informed, told me what I needed to do, and made me feel comfortable. He showed that he cared and it wasn’t just another case for him. I was kept up to date through the duration of the case and he would answer any questions I had about the progress of my case. Tony was able to negotiate for me, which is something I could have never done alone. I felt as if I was dealing with a caring friend instead of a lawyer, so glad Tony was my attorney.

Tony and Soliman Law Group has been our go to law firm for years. They have helped us when family members have gotten into car accidents, when we have had disputes with our tenants as well as some family members who are tenants & had an issue with their landlords. They have also helped us with various business matters. Tony and his team are professional, ethical and hard-working and I will keep referring them to anyone that I know who may need their services and help.

Tony was great to work with. He’s very professional and courteous but most important very knowledgable. I will be referring him friends and definitely would give him return business.

Tony was a Referal from a close friend. He took my case and executed it flawlessly. So well in fact my father had him handle his accident case which he was very pleased with the outcome $

I had consulted with Tony regarding some litigation issues for my company and he was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and nailed every concern. He took his time and didn’t rush me off. I of course retained him and sure enough he has been extremely diligent with everything I have brought to him. He responds to all calls and emails promptly and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Tony

I have been using Tony on and off now for about 5 years. He is the first person I call for legal counsel and he has come through countless number of times. Truly exceptional and easy to get a hold of. I surround myself with people of value and Mr. Soliman is definitely one of them. Thank you!

Mr. Soliman and his firm are very professional, timely and always looking out for your best interests in the way they handle their client’s matters. They were always on top of things, well organized and consistently replied to all of my inquiries in a timely manner in both the personal injury and landlord/tenant case they represented me on. Needless to say the effectiveness of the firm resulted in a favorable outcome both times & I often recommend them to friends & family.

I gave Tony a call to discuss a dispute I am having with my soon to be ex business partner. The conversation with Tony was quite refreshing and he had some amazing insight and came up with a wonderful strategy that seems to have worked out. I appreciate Tony and would recommend his legal services to anyone.

An Actual Attorney With Integrity
I was referred to speak with Tony about a business dispute I am having with my soon to be ex business partner. From the moment I called him there is nothing but good things to say. He really took the time to listen to my entire ordeal, and actually came up with a very diplomatic resolution. I’m so glad to know lawyers like Tony do exist! Thanks for your out of the box thinking Tony. I’ll be forever grateful.

Honest, Knowledgable & Effective
I have been using Tony Soliman as my companies attorney for some time now and he is always on top of it. He is aggressive with getting his client the best outcome and extremely honest. He returns calls and emails promptly and is knowledgeable with all fields of law and will not take on a situation that he feels can be better handled by another attorney. He always gives his honest opinion and works diligently for his client. Thank you Tony I am glad you are on our side..

Exceptional Representation
Tony has proved not only to be an amazing lawyer, but someone that goes the extra mile to make sure his clients are well taken care of. He worked with me on setting up my corporation. He explained every detail of the process and took on tasks that most lawyers would have charged extra for. I was never confused about any steps along the way and received regular updates during the process. I have spoken with friends that own small businesses and set up corporations through other attorneys, they did not have the same type of service or experience I did. I recommend Tony to everybody I know that is looking for legal representation. He has since represented members of my family in personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Each time providing the same attention to detail and care to make sure the client is very satisfied. Hire Tony if you want the job done right.