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Despite being legal in California for decades, medical marijuana growers, patients, and dispensaries continue to face a barrage of legal issues, in part due to the Schedule 1 drug status cannabis has with the federal government. Soliman Law Group helps clients navigate the complex legal environment of the medical marijuana industry whether you want to become a marijuana vendor, grow medical cannabis as a patient, or get experienced legal representation for a marijuana charge.

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A DUI charge is a very serious offense that should not be taken lightly. The staff at Soliman Law Group, P.C. understands that facing such charges can be quite frightening and having a diligent DUI attorney on your side is necessary for protection of your rights. We therefore sympathize with how our clients may be feeling and pledge to support and defend them. Our firm takes pride in fighting for our client’s rights and working to give them the best chance at a favorable outcome.

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More than 200,000 people are arrested and charged with a DUI offense in California every year, many of whom are first-time offenders. California has very strict drunk driving laws that impose significant penalties on people convicted of a DUI. If you are convicted, you face not only large fines and fees but potential jail time, installation of an ignition interlock device (IID), alcohol treatment or DUI school, and suspension of your license.

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Our growing business counsel practice is well equipped to handle the increasing variety of issues that emerge from business transactions. We represent various corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals.

The firm services the day-to-day legal needs of numerous small and mid-sized businesses. We advise companies in multiple aspects of their business, including resolving disputes and providing advice regarding their overall business activities. In addition, we also assist clients with the formation, operation and structure of their business entities as required and offer guidance on an on going basis.

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Our landlord-tenant attorneys in southern ca offer legal help in disputes involving leases, evictions, security deposits, uninhabitable conditions, and more. Whether you want to protect your rights as a tenant, get legal representation in a lawsuit against a landlord, or exercise your rights properly, we can help.

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Although the entertainment world can be overwhelming from a legal standpoint, we can help you navigate through the tough terrains of entertainment law.

We work with various individuals in the entertainment industry including musicians, filmmakers, actors, models, writers, directors, producers, and athletes. As such, our firm is ready to provide representation for all aspects of your entertainment endeavors

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United States immigration law is notoriously complicated. Soliman Law Group represents employers, immigrants, and foreign nationals with complex legal issues like sponsoring a family member for a green card, sponsoring a foreign national for employment in the US, deportation defense, obtaining a marriage green card, and applying for the DV green card lottery.

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