Business Strategy and Consulting

Soliman Law Group, P.C. offers various business strategy and consulting services for our business clients. Led by Ms. Vicki Barajas, our Business Strategy and Consulting department assists our clients with forming creative solutions to balance human resources with company financial feasibility, regulatory compliance and operational structuring. Through focused customer service fueled by the ultimate goal of bringing unparalleled value and building a long term relationship, our dedicated team of professionals dive into details to learn about our clients and their business, in order to develop strategies that are both progressive and compliant. Our attorneys and consultants strive to be forward thinkers in order to anticipate changing landscape, so our clients don’t have to.

We offer services that range from HR and operations consulting to personal, one-on-one development coaching and training in a classroom setting or via webinars. Topics are taught by experts that, in many cases, are the creators of the training curriculum.

Consulting Services offered include:

Coaching and Training Development Topics
– Harassment and Discrimination
– Employee Performance
– Managing Difficult Conversations
– Succession Planning/Execution
– Team Building
– Career Development Coaching
– Conflict Resolution
– Project-based assignments

Policy and Procedure Training 
– Creation of customized employee handbooks and policy procedure manuals that outline mandated policies by state and federal government agencies, as well as internal policies and procedures. Clients are also notified as to changes in the HR environment that may require modifications to their handbook and or manuals.

Total Compensation
– Job Analysis
– Customized Job Descriptions
– Performance Evaluations
– Appropriate Compensation Consulting
– Decrease turnover and increase employee loyalty by providing competitive compensation.
– We provide a full market analysis of what the workforce is offering.

In addition, we provide various strategies for conflict resolution and help develop or update Employee Handbooks that continue to reflect both up-to-date employment law and best practices with assistance from the client’s inside/outside counsel (if available).

On-site services include managing and performing day-to-day HR functions such as employee relations, training, and any project-based assignments.