Entertainment Law

film law

Although the entertainment world can be overwhelming from a legal standpoint, we can help you navigate through the tough terrains of entertainment law. We work with various individuals in the entertainment industry including musicians, filmmakers, actors, models, writers, directors, producers, and athletes. As such, our firm is ready to provide representation for all aspects of your entertainment endeavors including:

  • Contract drafting and reviews
  • Distribution deal review and negotiations
  • Preparation of music licenses
  • Preservation of music publishing rights
  • Assistance in copyrighting your music/screenplay
  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • Talent Agreement drafting and review
  • Securing Film/TV financing assistance


Whether you require contract negotiations, contract drafting, or contract review, our firm will help structure the best possible terms for our clients throughout all aspects of the entertainment industry.

We take pride in being able to help resolve most issues within the entertainment law realm. Our goal is always to provide the client with the best possible representation and do so by creating strategies wherein we identify potential risks, assess financial implications, and successfully negotiate the right terms for our clients.