Los Angeles County Extends Marijuana Ban in Unincorporated Areas

Los Angeles County Extends Marijuana Ban in Unincorporated Areas

The Board of Supervisors for LA County voted unanimously this week to extend the ban on marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas.

Los Angeles County has prohibited any commercial marijuana activities in unincorporated areas since 2010. The original ban applied only to medical marijuana, but the ratification of Proposition 64 that legalized recreational marijuana prompted the county to extend its ban to any commercial activities, including recreational and medical marijuana cultivation, manufacture, testing, and distribution.

The new ordinance also makes a first attempt at regulating the personal cultivation of marijuana by limiting residents in unincorporated LA County to growing 6 plants. Homeowners who live in a single-family home can cultivate marijuana outdoors or indoors, but people living in apartments and condos are restricted to indoor plant cultivation.

Homeowners who choose outdoor cultivation must follow rules about fencing and setbacks. Plants may not be visible from any public right-of-way or above a fence

A new amendment has been approved that also bans marijuana cultivation within 600 feet of a daycare center or school.

The purpose of the ban is to give the county sufficient time to implement regulations for the industry. There is currently no timeline for when regulations will be decided.

California permits for marijuana businesses will be available in January 2018 although local governments will retain the right to ban these businesses or prohibit outdoor personal marijuana cultivation.