Personal Injury Faqs

Personal Injury Faqs

Why do I need an Attorney to make an injury claim?

Hiring the right personal injury attorney to oversee and steer your claim is a critical decision. These claims can become burdensome and intricate since property damage, medical bills, and physical and mental injuries are important issues that must be addressed. A law firm’s experience, skill, and network used to competently handle the multi-faceted details of personal injury claims will translate to peace of mind and a favorable outcome.

Is medical attention right for me?

Let your body be your internal doctor. If you are experiencing any kind of physical pain or emotional distress, the help of a qualified doctor is important to your well-being. Our attorneys will connect you with a trusted medical professional to assist in recovery from your injuries in the proper manner and help you progress as much as possible.

Should I get in touch with my insurance company?

The first thing an injury victim should do is contact an attorney. Insurance companies tend to only care about their own interests and will limit rights you are legally entitled to. Without the representation of a skilled lawyer to advocate on your behalf, injury victims are susceptible to a loss of rights and mismanagement of their claim.

What is the amount I can expect my personal injury claim to settle for?

Every personal injury claim is different. Various factors will determine the monetary value and outcome of a claim with that monetary amount being commensurate with those losses endured. Those variables include the extent of fault, property damage, physical injury, mental duress, loss of wages, loss of work time and more.