Real Estate Law

Unlawful Detainer – Eviction

We are experienced in all aspects of landlord/tenant law, representing both property owners and tenants. In cases where there is a dispute over whether a tenant has complied with the lease terms, we can help either party understand their legal options and take appropriate action. One possibility, for landlords, may be to bring an unlawful detainer action, seeking eviction of the tenant. If you are involved in a disagreement about rent or some other issue, we can help, no matter what side you are on.

Real estate law is extraordinarily complex, with many arcane procedures, and the stakes are typically high for all parties involved in a commercial or residential transaction. To get a knowledgeable, attentive attorney working on your side, contact us today.

At Soliman Law Group we represent both landlords and Tenants. This gives our offices a well-rounded knowledge base of all the legal issues that may arise in unlawful detainer cases. So whether you are a Landlord or a tenant give us a call and we can assist you.